Yoga Class @ Center



Yoga class @Center

Yoga has a very wide scope in terms of definition and different Yog Gurus have defined it differently. The word Yog is taken from a Sanskrit work ‘YOG’ which means ‘Addition’. Yog(addition) can be of anything but when we talk about Yog as a way of life, it means Yog of body with mind and then Yog of body+mind with the ultimate truth(God). Here addition of body and mind means bringing a near-to-perfect balance between a healthy mind and healthy mind. After achieving this, one can enjoy the real pleasure of meditation. This journey of connecting body with mind and body+mind with God is not as easy as it’s been said. It needs lot of dedication and devotion but once achieved all worldly pleasures become meaningless.

Many people have misperception that Yog or Yoga is all about Asana(Yoga Postures). As per maharishi patangili yog constitutes of eight limbs(collectively known as Ashtanga) and Asana is one of the eight limbs. Aasana is not just a physical labor, it’s also a process of balancing our internal organs by influencing our mind and body which in turn leads us to a healthy longer life.

Ashtanga or Eight-limbs Yoga.

    • Ahinsa(Non-violence) Yam
    • Astya (Not lying)
    • Astey (Non-stealing)
    • Brahmacharya (non-sensuality)
    • Aparigrah (to have only what is required and not to )
  1. Niyam
    • Cleanliness
    • Contentment
    • Austerity
    • Self-study or Introspection
    • Devotion to the Supreme Lord
  2. Asana—posture
  3. Pranayama—energy control
  4. Pratyahara—the interiorization of the mind
  5. Dharana—contemplation
  6. Dhyana—meditation or absorption
  7. Samadhi—oneness

Following Yam and Niyam makes our mind/soul pure and practice of Asana and Prayanam makes our body healthy in real sense.

Yog and Our Body

Our body and mind are equally dependent upon each other. One cannot do anything without the other. However the impact of our mind on our body is much more as compared to that of our body on our mind. Many a times we are obsessed with a number of mental and physical problems which are actually just a creation of our imbalanced mind. Our feelings and thoughts of mind influence our eating, way of living and decisions making-in short our overall personality. Modern science has also accepted that mind plays a significant role in the overall development of personality.

Yoga brings us closer to the reality by giving us a better control on our feelings and re-initiating intellectuality, thereby removing perceptions from our mind. All this helps us in achieving better results in all that we do.


One Month/ 45 Minute Weekly


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